Instructions (40 min.)

Gisela Hochuli has been working on performance instructions for several years and is interested in questions about their development, reception and interpretation. How can a performance guide be written in a few or many words, how is it understood by the listener, what kind of images it creates in the imagination, and how does it manifest itself when it is performed?

Judith Huber, Christine Bänninger and Gisela Hochuli invited the topic of performance instructions for the PANCH-Fest 2018. The exchange was lively and there were ways, terms (e.g. Instructions, recipes, instructions for action), elaboration and use, forms and styles of performance instructions and much more discussed. In addition, own performance instructions were presented.

For the exhibition Hurry with Time – Time for Performance, which took place on 4 April. May to 18. Gisela Hochuli was invited by curators Judith Huber and Lena Friedli to put together an audio guide with performance instructions and to show a performance for the opening of the exhibition. On three headphones, 5-6 performance instructions from the following artists could be heard: Glynis Ackermann, Christine Bänninger, Sandra De los Santos, Simone Etter and Marianne Papst, Pascale Grau, Gisela Hochuli, Manuela Imperatori, Monica Klingler, Dominik Lipp, Valerian Maly, Mirzlekid, Chris Regn, Andrea Saemann, Klara Schilliger, Rolf Schulz and Joéle

The three headphones were available to visitors throughout the exhibition. You could replay the performance instructions or just listen.

Inspired by the 16 performance guides, Gisela Hochuli developed an independent performance. She did not play the performance instructions 1:1, but showed her own interpretation.