Art of Encountering

The project idea was developed by Boris Nieslony (Cologne, D): Seven performance artists from Asia meet seven local performance artists and spend a few days together. The aim of the encounter is to exchange methods, models and artistic strategies in the joint work. Similarity, friction and otherness are disclosed and addressed. The participants will show open source performances and solo performances in public spaces as well as indoors. Simone Etter, Gisela Hochuli and Marianne Papst are each organizing the events in Basel.

Art of Encountering shows continuity over the years. 2005: German performance artists in Japan, 2007: Japanese performance artists in Essen (D), Cologne and Hannover (D). 2009: Indonesian performance artists in Ilsede (D), Basel (CH) and Belfast (IE). 2011: Performance artists from Hong Kong in Linz (A), Cologne and Basel. 2013: Performance artists from the Philippines in Cologne, Bonn (D), Essen, Basel and Linz. 2015: Performance artists from China in Vienna (A), Linz, Basel, Burgbrohl (D), Essen, Cologne, Bonn (D), Liege (B). 2018: Performance artists from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Singapore in Basel, Hannover, Bad Salzdetfurth (D), Burgbrohl, Cologne and Essen.

More information

  • Art of Encountering VII, Catalogue. Ed. PAErsche, Cologne, 2019
  • Art of Encountering VI, Catalogue. Ed. PAErsche, Cologne, 2016